Zoukei-Mura / HS 129 B-3 WITH 75MM GUN + 6 battle maps in 1:32 scale

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+ 6 battle maps
SCALE 1/32 scale
MODEL ■Plastic Model Kit (including 2-color molded parts, clear and grey)
■Total Parts: 443
■Included Items: Decal ×1 sheet
The Star Performer Has Arrived!! The true essence of "Tank Buster" revealed by SWS.
The Hs 129, feared as the "flying can opener" by the Allied soldiers, will finally be released as an impressive SWS kit in 1/32 scale!
The Henschel Hs 129 was the tank buster mounted with powerful ground-attack weapons to destroy Soviet tanks in the Second World War. It was a small twin-engine aircraft with an overall width of 14.2 m and length of 9.75 m, powered by two inefficient French-made Gnome-Rhône "14 M" 14-cylinder double-row star-cooled engines (700 hp) with a range of 880 km, not much different from that of the Bf 109, and its maximum speed was 407 km/h, which was not so high. However, designed specifically for ground attacks and known to be easy to service, the Hs 129 earned a high level of trust from its pilots. Several kits have been released in the past because of its peculiar shape, but they were mainly 1/72 kits, which just replicated its outer shape. This kit brings you all the details of the structure and it function in a way that only heavily-researched SWS kits can. 

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