Decals / German helmet insignia HJ-Hitlerjugend 1 / 6

Decals / German helmet insignia HJ-Hitlerjugend 1 / 6

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The wet-slide images are on a continuous carrier film.

To make the wearer invisible film you paint the finished model painted with a gloss varnish, for example, or other Tamiya gloss varnish.

Then cut out the required decal on the back and pour a little water, then wait to put the decal on the back and again until the decal releases and transfer it .... on the model / helmet etc. .

Anschliesend you dab with a soft cloth, the remaining amount of water.

Should not be straight or smooth the surface, the decal must be aftertreatment with a plasticizer (Gunze Mirco Scale or other plasticizer).

After exposure can customize the decal with a soft cloth to the model.

Anschliesend will apply to the whole model a matte or gloss paint, the decals that are firm to the touch.

Please use the protective lacquer exclusively Aycrllacke such as Tamiya TS79 clear coat semi-gloss or matte clear coat Tamiya TS80. All paints with solvents can damage our decals.

Seal the decals see link:



This article serves only to represent


Facts (uniforms, person ....)

and not for the glorification of

People, ideologies,

Views, etc.

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